Blogiversary - six months

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It’s hard to believe that my first official post to this blog was six months ago. Technically, my first post was July 23, but I only used that one as a basis to build my template and then deleted it.

I had been playing around with Movable Type on an extremely limited basis since the fall of 2003, but it wasn’t until this past summer that a good friend and fellow blogger talked me into starting my own blog.

It had been a crazy summer, and I had a great deal on my mind to unload. For one thing, I was quite distressed that I had backslid so significantly from my last successful weight loss attempt. Also, my five-year college reunion had started out the season, and reunions, for me, always seem to bring doubts about the tapestry of my life rushing to the forefront. A couple of weeks later, I traveled to Vancouver for a conference, where I got into a car accident. No one was injured, but I smashed up a rental car (and the other car) pretty badly.

A few weeks after that was one of the more spontaneous moments of my life. I knew that I needed to get over my greatly exacerbated fear of driving. A woman that I had strong feelings for had gone up to a jazz festival in Montréal. One of my best friends convinced me to follow her up there. I ended up driving all the way to Québec, finding her in a crowd of more than 100,000 after less than ten minutes of searching, spending the day with her and her boyfriend and half a dozen other people, and then driving back—without sleeping. Some day I may tell the entire story of that adventure here, but not today…

Fast forward another couple of weeks to when I took a week’s vacation to remodel my bedroom and create this blog. Coincidentally, that very same week I also did something that I had resolved to do back in Montréal. It did not go well.

Here we are six months later—so much has changed; so much has stayed the same. My body is now around 65 pounds lighter, so this really isn’t much of a weight loss blog anymore. My blog is no longer anonymous (once the boss of my boss’s boss stumbled upon my blog and figured out who I was, there didn’t seem to be much point). I’m still single; that part never seems to change. I now have a part time teaching job in addition to my day job. I have since become an iPodder, and my newest Mac has triple the megahertz. My bedroom remodeling project still remains unfinished.

I can’t wait to see what the next six months bring.

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