The day the music died II


Sometimes I really hate sequels. Back in late April I wrote about the hardware failure of my beloved iPod and its subsequent replacement.


sad iPod screen
iPod in a coma. I know, I know. It’s really serious.

[exhalation] Well…

You know, I appreciate the homage to the sad Mac icon of yesteryear, but seeing the sad iPod pop up on the screen, knowing that there is nothing I can do about it, makes for a very sad Michael.

This time, unfortunately, it is out of warranty. I did an online search hoping for some answers as to whether my iPod was recoverable. Nope.

I tried the “Hold button on-off, Menu and Select together” reset thing. No dice. I tried to restore it, using both the Mac and Windows versions of iPod Updater. Nada. Bleah.

How’s this for timing, though? Yesterday, someone commented on this blog after their iPod had failed, asking me if mine ever got fixed. I replied that it had, but my co-worker, who had his replaced soon after mine, experienced iPod failure a short time ago. :-(

Looks like a flash-based iPod nano needs to be added to my X-mas wish list. I will not waste another dime on a hard drive-based MP3 player.


My iPod died a couple years ago, and never having liked it all that much, I got a different brand and have not had a single problem with the new one in the years I’ve owned it.

That’s so sad (but I do like the homage to the “sad Mac face” from my college years). I love my little Mini so very much and would be heart-broken if it stopped sending dulcet tones of happiness to me!

I thought about going with a different brand, Jenniy, but I like the whole iPod/iTunes integration thing. Plus there’s the “cool factor” of the iPod even though they seem to have a distressingly high failure rate.

It was sad, Denise, but less than a week later it all turned out for the best. I’ll post about that soon. The iPod mini is a great little player. It’s a shame they discontinued that style.