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Fortune cookie 20


Apparently, January 24 is the “most depressing day of the year.” Yes, really.

The British psychologist that proved this has a mathematical formula and everything, and if math says it’s true, well then…

So what does this have to do with the fortune cookie I opened Monday afternoon? Well, the fortune just seemed so random, and yet, somewhat timely…apropos.

It’s fun being a kid.
Lucky Numbers 50, 11, 8, 34, 2, 17

You know, it is fun being a kid, and sometimes it’s fun to forget, at least for a fleeting instant, that I am thirty-three years old. Even though there are days that an omnipresent anchor of depression seems to drag behind me, allowing my inner child to come out and play every so often can really make that metaphorical anchor seem considerably easier to bear, even if only for all-too brief, light-hearted moment.

LC Paninis

For processed, frozen, microwavable, 300-calorie foods, those little boxes of Lean Cuisine are not half bad. As I have mentioned before, my freezer is often stuffed full of the things, and I have one of the LC pizzas almost every day for lunch (much tastier than a cold lunchmeat sandwich and much healthier than take-out). Our local Wegmans has had them on sale for 3 for $5 for at least three weeks straight now!

Anyway, over the past month, I have grown addicted to the newest addition to the Lean Cuisine line—paninis. Now, again, obviously a home-cooked meal or restaurant fare is going to taste better, but for meals whose prep time involves just 2 minutes and 45 seconds of nuking, they are damn tasty.

I have found four different varieties so far, and my favorites are the steak and cheddar and the southwestern chicken on sourdough.

You cook the two halves of the panini on top of that shiny paper stuff that browns them (just like the pizzas), and it does a decent job of keeping the bread dry and toasty. The silver stuff even has slots cut into it so that fake grill marks are scorched into the bread. Then you fold the two melty halves together.

It may be because of their novelty, but I do think that I actually like the paninis better than the pizzas. (Thai-Style Chicken still rules, though, esp. with a dollop of Hoboken Eddie’s Hot Sauce mixed in.)

Coolant leak

For the past couple of years, Apple has been using a liquid cooling system in many of their dual processor PowerMac G5s (the ones that look like giant cheese graters).

I suppose that’s all well and good, as it avoids the need for large cooling fans that sound like jet engines…just as long as they don’t leak.

PowerMac G5 coolant leak


Yes, those puddles of glowing ooze were formed from coolant dripping out of one of our PowerMacs at work.

The poor little guy is just about fourteen months old, and just two months out of warranty. For some reason, we neglected to get the three-year extended warranty (we won’t that make that mistake again).

Hopefully, though, Apple will make an exception, as this is a bit above and beyond any normal computer failure.

Update: Apple agreed to cover the cost of repairs because the unit was less than 90 days outside of warranty.



Time dilation fields really suck…you know, those annoying little pockets of subspace where the hours slip away more rapidly, relative to normal spacetime.

It seems I’m wandering into them with increasing frequency these days. (Either that, or Earth’s orbit has been causing my body to pass through a number of these fields while my stationary ass is cradled by my office chair.)

I often start the day with a long list of things that I’d like to accomplish, yet just as I’m starting to make any discernible progress, I glance up at the clock, and sure enough, during what seemed like mere moments from my point of view, an entire day’s worth of hours are suddenly gone.

The time dilation effect seems to be even stronger around my apartment. Evenings, weekends, and vacations days whiz by in an instant. I recently tried to take two weeks off, and for the life of me, I cannot account for where the time went.

To make matters worse, I think that my recent weight gain has amplified the gravitational forces surrounding my body, thus increasing the time dilation.




My name is Michael, and I’m a chocoholic.

One thing that’s really bad slash good about the holidays is the preponderance of indulgent food.

Correlatively, one thing that’s really bad slash good about the post-holidays is the preponderance of people trying to get rid of indulgent food from their homes.

Any resolution-motivated commitment to “eat healthy” can really be complicated by the ready availability of these indulgences. Willpower? What willpower?

Case in point, some of the tantalizing goodies brought into my workplace just in the last week have included dark and white chocolate-drizzled gourmet popcorn, a tin of delicious chocolate-covered peppermint cookies, a chocolate ganache torte, a box of assorted chocolates, some cappuccino-flavored meringues, and a container of chocolate-covered toffees.

Not that I am complaining…it is very hard to complain when stuffing something delicious and chocolate down my gullet…but it will be so much easier trying to get back on track with fitting into my pants again once this spirit of generosity finally dies down.


“I don’t know why you waste your time exercising. It’s just sweat you’re going to have to wash off.”
—Master Shake to Meatwad


I’d say that it’s a fairly safe guess that the most common New Year’s resolutions are to eat healthier, lose weight, exercise more, or some combination of the aforementioned.

While I hate being a cliché, I really do need to get back on the proverbial fitness wagon in the new year. Occasional binge eating really starts to add up over time, and if one procrastinates enough scheduled workout sessions, skipping them entirely for weeks on end becomes the norm.

I was starting to look pretty darn good last year, buff even…then, at some point, I lost all motivation.

I had spent a good bit of money on new jeans and dress pants. All of my “fat pants” ended up in a donation box in a nearby parking lot. Now, I am down to three pair of “relaxed fit” size 32s that I can barely squeeze into.

Not a disastrous setback, but a setback nonetheless.

Good riddance, 2005.

It is time to get my motivation back.

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