Destiny :-(


Last year around this time, I blogged about and their demotivational products. I recently purchased their 2006 Wishes calendar and have it hanging in my office. I’m not normally a printed calendar person, but they came up with some funny ones this year.

DESTINY is the demotivator for February.


From the same calendar, I really liked WORTH, COMPROMISE, and BEAUTY (I laughed and cried on the inside.)

BTW, the video podcasts on the site are also amusing, and there is a $5 coupon code in the third podcast.


Hi Michael, I just stole this picture of “Destiny” and reposted it on my meager blog. I was in a rush so I didn’t provide any credits or websites. Does that make me a bad person? I hope you don’t think so, because I think I have a crush on you! I’m sure you get a lot of that, huh?! I stumbled across after googling “Lean Cuisine Paninis.” (I am eating my first one, Chix Club, right now. Very tasty, but not as cheesy as I thought they’d be.) ANYWAY, I really enjoyed reading the rest of your blog. What a great sense of humor! Funny, smart, straight, my age and SINGLE? NO WAY! A crush is born. Too bad you are in PA or we could meet for a little midnite grocery shopping. I’m sure an internet-saavy intellectual like yourself can find me if you want to check me and my little blogaroo out. :-) Until then, I’ll be checking in! D-

I am back from another hiatus. I seem to be taking quite a few of those lately.

Grabbing that pic is fine. I grabbed it myself from

I guess they can’t make the paninis too cheesy, since cheese = fat, and pseudo-cheese (non-fat cheese) = yuck.

Glad you enjoyed my posts. You may have made me blush a little (but “real men” don’t blush, so…).

this is funny cus my name is destini lol