Beer ice cream?


No joke; I’m a couple of hours early for that.

Ben & Jerry’s has had their new pints for 2006 in stores for a couple of weeks now, but this evening was the first time I saw Black & Tan™ in the freezer.

The lid describes it as “Cream Stout Ice Cream Swirled with Chocolate Ice Cream.” Now, I couldn’t bloody well resist buying a pint of that.


The beer taste is actually quite subtle—sweet and creamy; the flavor is mostly in the aftertaste. Once you dig down into the chocolate ice cream swirl, though, the chocolate flavor almost completely overpowers the stout. Not bad, but Vermonty Python™ was better.

920 calories. 52 percent from fat. Oh well…eat, drink, and be merry; for tomorrow we diet.


I once had a Guiness ice cream at a local shop. It was really good. This black and tan should be just as tasty. :)

Guinness ice cream sounds delicious. I was surprised that a Google search lists a bunch of recipes for it as the top results. Too bad I don’t have an ice cream machine.

Oh my lord, I tried Vermonty Python the other night, and very nearly died. DIED. It was good stuff.

Liqueur ice creams rule (Vermonty Python is coffee-liqueur-flavored), and the texture of the chocolate cookie crumb swirl was interesting.

Although my favorite Ben & Jerry’s (that is still in stores) remains Dublin Mudslide (Baileys Irish Cream liqueur).

OMgosh…. please don’t tell me that is 920 calories per serving…. That’s outrageous! I’m enjoying your blog and think I might even reap some creative inspiration from it! Keep on writing!

Well, for me, one serving equals one pint. No saving. No sharing. Don’t be eyeballin’ my pint, now; I’ll buy you your own…

It is 230 calories per serving but, serving size - 1/2 cup? Ye…ah. I don’t think so.