Boot Camp HD icon


I installed Windows XP via Apple’s Boot Camp software the day after I got my MacBook. It is amazing to be able to switch between the two on the same machine by merely rebooting. Virtualization with something like Parallels might be more convenient, but for now, Boot Camp works well enough for the few times I need to access that other OS.

I was bored, and I also brought work home that I didn’t want to do, so I took the time to make hard drive icons for my Mac OS volume and my Boot Camp volume. I wanted something subtle and grayscale that used a modified version of the default OS X hard drive icon, the quicksilver Apple logo, and the Boot Camp logo.


The icons are in a dot zip archive and are in OS X icon format. Using the Apple HD icon is just a simple cut and paste into a Get Info dialog. Because the Mac OS can’t write to NTFS volumes, changing the Boot Camp HD icon is a wee bit more complicated.

Apple and Boot Camp HD icons.


Great, thanks a lot mate! Nice n subtle, just what i was looking for.

Nice. What about a 512x512 version for leopard?

There is an easy/free way to make your NTFS drives work like a native drive so these steps would be exactly the same for both the windows part and the mac part. You need to use MacFUSE and NTFS-3G, both are Open Source and free. MacFUSE is actually created by google employees. This blog provides more instructions.

How do I change the MacOSX icon the appears on startup?