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I just thought I’d list a few things that have brought a smile to my face recently. Totally, completely random.

  • Two finger trackpad scrolling on the MacBook is one of those “don’t know how I ever used a laptop before this was invented” kind of features. One finger stroking the trackpad moves the mouse. A two finger swipe scrolls the window—vertical scrolling, horizontal, diagonal. For the sinfully slothful, you don’t even need to move both fingers, as long as one finger remains in contact with the pad. With input revolutions like this, one could almost forgive Apple for all of their silly one button mice and that god-awful Mighty Mouse nipple.
  • A small tray of ice cubes. A generous squirt of Nescafé coffee syrup. One-percent milk filling the rest of the cup. A Braun handheld wand mixer. A decorative drizzle of Hershey’s caramel syrup on top if I’ve been a good boy. I’m totally addicted.
  • Yup, another Apple rave, but, really…the Airport Express just rules. The thing is the size and shape of a skinny power adapter. You plug it into an outlet; one end of the ethernet cable goes into the Airport, other end into my router (or directly to a cable/DSL modem); give it a name and password via software. Bam. Instant wireless. Then I’m on my back on my living room futon, browsing the web. (Thick magazine in between hot laptop and my belly, of course.) Total bonus…digital optical cable from the Airport Express into my stereo—and now my 3,858 song iTunes library can play out of my 6.1-channel living room system. Sweet. Flippin’ sweet, even.
  • There’s this Javascripty/CSS thing called iBox that is an evolution of a couple of scripts that could load an image or an html objects as a dynamic “web 2.0” overlay widget. The implementation is clean, is unobtrusive, is super easy to add to a site, degrades gracefully, and is damn elegant. I added it to a client site. They were thrilled; I was thrilled. Cool.
  • Free domestic SkypeOut. Free as in speech and beer. Sure there’s a bit of a time lag when talking (not sure if that is because of my Bluetooth headset or because the other party is on a landline). But it’s free. Free as a bird, it’s the next best thing to be. Free as a bird.
  • ShaveEverywhere.com. ’Nuff said.

Fender bender

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This latest hiatus is due to a number of big projects at work. I hope to post the last of my Cleveland pictures soon.

Anyway, one area called “Cleveland Heights” had dozens of these tremendously clever wrought iron sculptures along the side of the road.

One of my favorites depicts some post-front-end-collision violence.

wrought iron sculpture

Digg dugg

Welcome, visitors from digg and Macsimum News.

Here are the entries you are probably looking for:
Coolant leak
Coolant leak II

Also, some clarifications:
The dualcore G5s that have been shipping since fall 2005 use a greatly improved, sealed liquid cooling system.

It was a foolish oversight for us to purchase $2500 computers and not buy AppleCare for a couple hundred dollars more.

Apple has provided my employers (and me personally) with exceptional customer service and support as far back as I can remember.

BTW, I call shenanigans on anyone who calls shenanigans. The photos are not Photoshopped and they are not staged with Nickelodeon slime. :-)


This sculpture, which dominates Cleveland’s Willard Park, speaks for itself, no?

giant Free Stamp

Home, sweet(?), home

As I wearily shuffled down the stairs from the Air Train to the rail platform, a cool nighttime breeze fluttered through my hair, and the smell of rotting garbage assaulted my nostrils. I looked over at my travelling companion and knew he was thinking the same thing.

God, it felt good to back in New Jersey.

That’s hot

Before we checked our cameras, I was able to take a few pictures inside the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum.

giant hot dog

Phish rode in on this hot dog to kick off a couple of performances in 1993. Giant fries and a super-sized soda are exhibited in the gallery below.

I really wish I was able to photograph the giant head sculptures from Pink Floyd’s Division Bell. I had always thought they were paintings or cleverly photographed miniatures, not massive 30-foot-high, Easter-Island-rivaling behemoths.


I guess I am spoiled by the City having more restaurants than city blocks (true statistic). To contrast, on Wednesday we spent hours driving, then walking around downtown Cleveland looking for someplace to eat. We finally found a Buffalo wings place. Yum.

Last night we had a private party at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum after closing. The food was amazing (I am soooooo off track with my weight loss). They had a live band, and we had the museum to ourselves.

We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside, but so I took what I could outside.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum

If you didn’t already know or couldn’t guess, I.M. Pei designed this one. Yup, the same guy that architected the Louvre pyramid, Hong Kong’s Bank of China building, and the triangular Spelman Hall at Princeton (I lived there for a year). Pei sure does love his triangles.

Works of fire

The annual fireworks display during the last night of Princeton reunions is always a visual and aural treat. Garden State Fireworks creates quite a few custom-designed shells to launch into the air, and they choreograph the launches and bursts to music. Their ability to synchronize the explosions of multi-stage shells with musical beats is masterful.

Photographing fireworks with a point-and-shoot camera set to auto-focus can be somewhat hit or miss. You just have to take lots of pictures and toss out ninety percent. Trying to use manual focus would have been too much of a distraction from enjoying the show. I did get a few decent shots.

launching fireworks

They remind me of celestial phenomena, something that Hubble might capture…

red bursting firweworks

…or that Enterprise might fly past.

Little tiger

Princeton University had their annual reunions festivities this past weekend.

Before the always spectacular fireworks display, my class had a wine-and-cheese-type reception in one of the stadium skyboxes. Posh.

On my way over to the pre-fireworks lawn concert, I walked out onto the center of the football field and lucked upon the shot below. Kawaii desho ne?

young boy stands inside Princeton shield

Three point three

Six Apart released Movable Type 3.3 beta 1 today.

I can rarely resist an upgrade. Even though they do not recommend installation of this beta on a production system, and even though the final is probably just three short weeks away; I took the plunge anyway and installed 3.3b1 on notMike.com. (I will certainly hold off upgrading my university’s installation of MT until the final, though.)

I haven’t had a chance to read all the way through the release notes, but a few new things are obvious.

Everything looks good so far. Streamlining and simplifying the admin interface looks to be the main goal of this upgrade. We finally have quick formatting buttons for entries that work in Safari; WYSIWYG-editing is still limited to Firefox or IE.

Support for tags is now built in. I started using them with this post.

The search template is now configurable at the blog level! This means that the display of my customized search pages were broken for a short while. It just underscores that I need to do a redesign based on the latest MT templates.

Nothing else broken yet, knock on wood.

So I did it. One month of daily posts. I occasionally cheated; I back-dated some posts that I didn’t get a chance to write until past midnight that day. Some of the posts were of sub-par quality; my fortune cookie fortune collection makes for great filler (unfortunately, you’re hungry for another post in an hour).

Updates will be more sporadic for awhile again. Hopefully, not as sporadic as before.

Next week I finally get to witness firsthand why, indeed, Cleveland rocks.

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