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Fortune cookie 26


Now is the time to try
something new.
Lucky Numbers 15, 18, 20, 34, 40, 43

…speaking of new, I think I’m going to need to try something new with this blog. I’m not really sure how maintaining a blog fits into my life anymore.

The sporadic infrequency of posts is just bad form.

I also tire of the design.

Perhaps a refresh is in order later this summer.

Comments and trackbacks off for now

I’m in the “back woods” of Pennsylvania for the weekend. A storm or something knocked out phone service for a couple of houses on my parents’ road, so I can’t even use a modem. Broadband? Fuhgeddaboudit.

Anyway, I found a Starbucks twenty minutes away. I’m sitting in their parking lot and getting four bars. (Actually, the wireless service is from a hotel across the street.)

Anyway, comments and trackbacks are off until I can get back to civilization (damn spammers).

Update 7/05: Feedback is now back on. No phone. No internet. Satellite TV blanking out every time there was a cloud overhead. Sheesh, even “third-world” countries have better connectivity. Oh well, it’s good to be back in Jersey.

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