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Doe a deer, a roadkill deer


All of these mild, short winters we’ve been having have really bumped up the deer population. I’ll never forget coming out of the Shop-Rite on Route 206 near Princeton a while back and seeing a doe scurrying around the parking lot.

A few weeks ago, I was fortunately able to slam on my brakes in time to avoid hitting a deer in my lane. The stupid thing just stood there, even after I had stopped. I had to beep the horn to get it to move off the road.

This past Friday evening, my dad, who lives in western PA, wasn’t quite so lucky. A doe and a buck were in his lane, and another doe was in the opposing lane. He was only going around 45 mph, but braking caused his truck to spin around (I’m guessing he swerved), and the rear of his truck struck one of the deer, and his passenger side door struck an embankment.

The vehicle following him also struck one of the deer.

Fortunately, no one was hurt. My dad did bump his head slightly. Unfortunately, his truck got a bit smashed up. Sadly, it is a used truck that he has spent most of the spring and summer trying to get running, and he had just finished it.

Late fall and early winter are when deer are on the move because of hunting season or mating season. A CNN report I found while Googling said that there are around 4000 deer-related traffic accidents a day.

I was curious too whether those wind-powered plastic deer whistles work. I used to have one, but it fell off after a car wash. One study said that road noise drowns them out. There is a company makes a higher decibel electronic deer whistle for $60, but I’m not sure it’s worth the hassle of installation.

Oh well, I guess the easy thing to do is slow down, turn on headlights at dusk, and stay alert.

Hosting problems, downtime, resolution

The site has been offline for at least a day and unable to accept comments for about four days.

At that time, Total Choice Hosting made a change to a number of their servers that generally affected their customers using Movable Type. All plugins that resided in a subfolder of the MT plugins folder were non-functional. This included all of my anti-spam plugins.

I first noticed the problem when a flood of spam posts about “topless cheerleaders” made their way to my blog. Now, I have nothing against topless cheerleaders, and I am sure that these young girls are very nice people. Spammers, however, are not nice people.

I disabled comments and contacted my host. They escalated the problem and offered to move me to a new server. I did not have a chance to respond (work lasted past 9 PM most of the week).

Saturday morning I was doing a Google search for something unrelated and noticed a link for my blog come up. I clicked the link and got a “file not found error.” Proceeding to the main page, I found a teal Apache/CPanel default page.

I contacted my host again, and they restored my site from a backup. My static files and MT installation were from September, and my database was from August 16. I am now manually rebuilding all posts since then and all comments. At least my blog has not seen much activity in the past few months, just three posts and 36 comments.

All is good again I suppose. I was worried I would have to start from scratch.

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