Hosting problems, downtime, resolution

The site has been offline for at least a day and unable to accept comments for about four days.

At that time, Total Choice Hosting made a change to a number of their servers that generally affected their customers using Movable Type. All plugins that resided in a subfolder of the MT plugins folder were non-functional. This included all of my anti-spam plugins.

I first noticed the problem when a flood of spam posts about “topless cheerleaders” made their way to my blog. Now, I have nothing against topless cheerleaders, and I am sure that these young girls are very nice people. Spammers, however, are not nice people.

I disabled comments and contacted my host. They escalated the problem and offered to move me to a new server. I did not have a chance to respond (work lasted past 9 PM most of the week).

Saturday morning I was doing a Google search for something unrelated and noticed a link for my blog come up. I clicked the link and got a “file not found error.” Proceeding to the main page, I found a teal Apache/CPanel default page.

I contacted my host again, and they restored my site from a backup. My static files and MT installation were from September, and my database was from August 16. I am now manually rebuilding all posts since then and all comments. At least my blog has not seen much activity in the past few months, just three posts and 36 comments.

All is good again I suppose. I was worried I would have to start from scratch.