So I’m on my third week of jury duty (more on this after the trial is over), and I was flipping through the New York Post during an extended lunch break.

I normally don’t read offline newspapers, but I was bored, and the barely audible soap opera on the plasma at the front of the room wasn’t holding my interest.

Anyway, one Post article caught my eye. They were reporting on a recent Gartner Group study that estimated there are over 200 million dead, abandoned blogs out there. Of course, the Post’s spin was that Lindsay Lohan’s blog hadn’t been updated in like three and a half years (OMG! SMHID). Jenna Elfman and Melanie Griffith had also not updated their blogs in ages (OMG x2).

As any errant Googlers who happen by the front page of this blog might notice — notMike.com has almost become one of those 200 million. Noooo! Here I am, setting a bad example for the LiLo’s of the world.

Well, damn it, this blogger (you can call me MiMu…or not) is not going to let his blog become a statistic. I promise more frequent updates over the coming weeks.