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RegisterFly Swatter
If you are a customer of the domain registrar, you may have been following the corporate drama. Apparently, two of the owners ousted a third owner, alleging gross misuse of company funds. That owner took over the system and started deleting customer data. The leaders of the “coup” were able to regain control, and issued a statement to their customers. Then, just this Friday, a judge gave the company back to the ousted guy.

To make matters worse, their customer support has been ineffectual and unresponsive, at least as far back as November; however, I have not had the time or energy to transfer my domains to another registrar.

That judge’s ruling was the final straw. Way too much drama for me; I want out as soon as possible. is offering $6.25 (at cost) domain transfers from RegisterFly, so I opened up an account with them. I am seeing now that this will not be an easy process. I am unable to remove the Whois protection from a few of my domains, which means that my real contact information is obscured in the Whois record (normally a good thing) in favor of a or e-mail address. Because of this, GoDaddy cannot send me a “Transaction ID” and “Security Code” for those domains.

Also, half of my domains do not have an “Authorization Code,” which is a 10-digit alphanumeric string, which is supposed to prove that the transfer is legitimate. Instead, only a blank field and the words “Auth code” appear in bold where the 10-digit code is supposed to be.

So now I wait. All of my domains are in limbo, in various states of progression through the transfer process. may become a casualty of this process, but at least the numerical IP will remain active (