Turn off the lights when you leave

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It’s time to stop fooling myself and shutter the current incarnation of this blog.

It’s not that I haven’t had anything to say; it’s just that I haven’t felt like recording anything as a blog entry.

Yes, I did leave myself an out. Notice that I said “current incarnation.” In the distant future, this weblog may return in a considerably revamped form, but for now all 396 entries and 875+ comments will remain as is, at least as long as AdSense dollars continue to subsidize the domain name and the hosting fees.

I suppose a few random thoughts are in order before I sign off.

  • My aging iPod tumbled to the ground one evening after work, shattering its LCD. I finally replaced it with a “reconditioned” iPod nano.
  • I’ve become addicted to my Tassimo single-cup brewer and Torani coffee syrups.
  • I am immensely happy with my decision over a year ago to switch from six-bladed Gillettes to a double-edge razor (Merkur and Feather), badger hair brush, and Taylor of Old Bond Street shaving soap.
  • I still do not own a cell phone, even in the age of the iPhone.
  • The last four albums I have bought on iTunes have been DRM-free (Mezzanine, A Posteriori, Global, and Reflections).
  • I gave up on physical fitness. Sooner or later I will get back up off my fat ass and get back in shape, but not right now.
  • Like most Americans, I grow increasingly disgusted with Bush and Cheney’s disdain for this country and its voters, its laws, its military, its reputation, and its legacy.
  • I have FiOS, and I love it. Download speeds (and upload speeds) are even faster than at my workplace.
  • With just a couple of months left until I turn 35, I confront myself with the question, “Am I happy?” My response would have to be a resigned exhalation and an unenthusiastic “meh…”

…and with that, “Good night and so long.”

1 Comment

Thanks for posting your experience in BH. Larry